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Chewing the textbook is our most favorite classroom activity.

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Instead of having an outdoor activity this group decided to have a classic Vietnamese party in the classroom.
We ordered Ga Nuong and learned the lyrics of Hotel California.
Great fun!

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We are SAS-er

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When life changes to be harder, change yourself to be stronger!
Let come to the bright future with SAS – HUE CITY

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FLY higher and farther with English at SAS

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“Exhausted yourselves with passion?”

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English is the key of future

97 Votes

We will win when we want
I can’t, You can’t but We can!

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To be wild and funny is necessary in this class! Fun learning environment and meaningful learning in speaking English. To know about our purpose in life, learning and having fun is the key!
Absolutely the right choice— Saigon American English

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We are SAS -ers
We are English pursuers
We are one, we are family
We can win, when we want ❤️

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If you wanna eat pizza, let’s register at SAS English Center

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Enjoying moments together while making the most about life and learning English, conquering fears, discovering and enhancing confidence from within and getting to know more each other.
This is us at Saigon American English Center- Le Hong Phong Campus— Always

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The more we try, the better we are

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Scrambling For Happiness

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The best part of learning is applying it in reality and experiencing it. SAS gives that opportunity to learn and experience things not limited in the classrooms but also beyond.

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The joy of learning English only SAS

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When strangers become friends and friend turned into family every single day is fun and fantastic cause in SAS Teachers cultivates and uplifts every students.

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Wonderful pictures of SAS.

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It’s the light of SAS which is also the light of my life

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